World Cork Forum 


The concept of the World Cork Forum (WCF) is to exchange ideas and experience with business associates, encouraging teamwork and mutual respect. The WCF will be an important driver and major support for the development of the wonderful natural product, cork.


  • To create synergies for our product, cork, and generate benefits for your company, its customers and partners.
  • To raise public awareness for cork.
  • To develop new and innovative ideas for the use of cork.
  • To actively participate in the further development and improvement of cork products.
  • To create a network of partners and alliances around the world.

WCF Values

Each member of the WCF learns from the experiences of the others members of the group without being in competition with them. This will lead to inspiration and support in the development of new cork products. The WCF members are in the frontline and play an active role in promoting cork as a versatile and quality product in order to further penetrate the market. The WCF conbines its efforts and offers shared marketing activities.

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